What is macro7?

macro7 aims to facilitate universal growth.

Think about your life both Individually and Communally (is it boring, fulfilling, stressful, happy, separate, connected, etc.).
What are the circumstances you want to improve upon and grow past?
As you think about this question, remember, whatever is happening in your life, you are not alone- people all over the world can relate to you and you with them.

macro7 is a global community of individuals who have followed their passions, and who are discovering the solutions to the problems we as humanity face. (For example: the global energy crisis could be solved in the blink of an eye! How? Visit the Library Page of John Searl and look into the Searl Effect Generator: http://macro7.com/p/johnsearl)

Tap into the Living Library to bring your life to a higher state of fulfillment, and share your own wisdom and experience with the community!
If you are knowledgable in a given field (sustainability, consciousness, energy, education, health, etc.), it is your duty to share your knowledge with others. By creating a Library Page showcasing your knowledge you are allowing universal growth, and you are opening your self up to connect with like-minded people. From there, you are encouraging dialog and collaboration. This is how solutions are implemented!

macro7 is a global community building macrocosm, a living library, a social lounge, and a project incubator.

The time is now, start connecting today! 🙂


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